Next Lesson

We are thrilled to have an entirely sold out run of Next Lesson at the Pleasance Theatre in October 2015. Next Lesson explores Section 28, the notorious legislation from the Thatcher government that banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools from 1988 until its repeal in 2003.
Please see our trailer.

“Sometimes you don’t always understand, you just get a feeling.”


South London. A secondary school opens its doors for the day ahead. It’s Morning Registration. Section 28 has begun. Michael is ready to say the unthinkable.

There’s a first for everybody. The first time you come out. The first Gay Pride. The first hate crime. When the day is over it will be time to pack your bag and move on. This new play leads us from 1988 to the present, but as we reach 2015, what lessons have been learnt.


From the Gay Times:

“A captivating piece of theatre (..). Next Lesson is a masterpiece-in-waiting (…) This is a beautifully crafted script that dances through the years with a deceptive lightness of touch – quite capable of spinning on a sixpence and packing a powerful punch where and when required (…) The cast are uniformly superb. GT gives Next Lesson 5 out of 5.

From Diva Magazine:

“Woodley manages to be profound, clever and educational without the audience even really being aware that they’re learning something. (…) Brilliantly acted, the cast each take on several parts and are utterly convincing” (…) “Next Lesson is heart wrenching at times, but it’s the moments of levity that really bring this piece to life”

Next Lesson Flyer
Next Lesson Flyer

Dads, Darts and David Bowie

In December 2013 Hyphen performed as part of Drunken Nights 2 with Drunken Chorus.

The piece was called Dads, Darts and David Bowie.

“We were interested in how, as a society, our relationship with pubs has changed in the past forty years. We wanted to encourage the kind of atmosphere that was more commonplace for our fathers’ generation, in which games such as darts and pool were played, a place where teams were built and friendships nurtured, a place at the heart of communities.”

Hyphen received space in kind from Shoreditch Town Hall to develop the project.



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